The white rabbit was late

The Idea

The idea came just from the color of the watch.. so white+ watch= white rabbit. This is the first picture I thought of when I started thinking about product photography. I got this Q&Q watch, just for me to wear and it inspired the whole photo.

Outfit inspiration

Image making

I went all out for this image, getting a blonde wig and all :)

This is an exception in my image making process, just because it evolves photoshopping an element in the pic. Yes, you guessed it, the rabbit ears. I had a few options:

1. Killing a rabbit and taking it's ears

2. Order from Germany the dog snack bunny ears

3. Photohshop them inside

I went for the photoshop approach because I didn't want to hurt a sweet rabbit, and because I'm trying to step out of the "creepy" aesthetics, as I am trying to make my art and product photography more approachable. Therefore, soggy falling down dead rabbit ears would of maybe been a turn off.


My original idea was using feathers, I thought they would add some fluffiness on which I could place the ears but it didnt work out. Here are pics of the before and after.

I used a stock image and took the ears from it. The feather approach was not working out, so

I than took another shot of my mouth in another angle, with some cotton balls inside, to achieve the fluffiness effect. Using a fur brush I than drew on the picture to give it a realistic effect.


Please write me what you think of this image or comment the post, your opinion is important :)

Hope you enjoyed this blog post!

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