The Rose

“The little prince went back to look at the roses again. "You're not at all like my rose. You're nothing at all yet," he told them. "No one has tamed you and you haven't tamed anyone. You're the way my fox was. He was just a fox like a hundred thousand others. But I've made him my friend, and now he's the only fox in all the world." And the roses were humbled.

"You're lovely, but you're empty," he went on. "One couldn't die for you. Of course, an ordinary passerby would think my rose looked just like you. But my rose, all on her own, is more important than all of you together, since she's the one I've watered. Since she's the one I put under glass. Since she's the one I sheltered behind a screen. Since she's the one for whom I killed the caterpillars (except the two or three for butterflies.) Since she's the one I listened to when she complained, or when she boasted, or even sometimes when she said nothing at all. Since she's my rose.”


💜 As the intro implies, this picture is inspired by the rose of the little prince. The will to be one's one and only and to be truly loved. The woman in this picture symbolizes the planet, home, and the her mouth is in fact, the rose, symbolizing love.

Test shot

📸 First test shot was a mess! I was going for a "spotted planet" texture ( like the illustration below) and it came out looking like a poster for the Living dead! 😱

🕵 Test shot conclusions:

  • Hair: face paint destroys the hair's natural glow, have to keep them from touching.

  • The rose: face paint is destroys the rose, once it touches it- it doesn't come off.

  • Make up: Need more contrast in the make up to keep the face beautiful & fresh despite the paint. I went for glossy eye shadow and blush, while contouring my face quit heavily. The gloss was to avoid the "dead" feeling I got using in the first shot. ( I was channeling those Kim Kardashian make up tutorials I always watch which finally came to good use!).

  • Eyebrows: should to be more prominent.

  • Concept: Back to the original idea where the rose is rising from the mouth rather than lying on it- it doesn't look good and is destroying my lipstick.


🌟 The Background star decoration idea came spontaneously. while I was putting on my make up I had the idea to draw some stars on my face than dropping it. See, the face should symbolize the home star, and the other starts belong in the background. So I went across the street and picked up theses pretty stickers.


Rose shot

🌹I than went on to doing some solo rose shots, to find the best angle for shooting it. I wanted a higher side angle.

Second and third shoots

💄Packed with my wisdom from the test shot I moved on to the real deal (left).

The last detail was changing the lipstick color back to red, thinking that the lips should be visually identified with the rose (right). Since I prefer using as little photoshop as possible and all real footage, I reshooted the lips area.

End result

© 2020 Harduf Rubin