June 7, 2018


Miscommunication between people, or maybe one is far more complex than the rest. Could also be an enigma- this woman is too mysterious and unpredictable to wrap your head around. She is an equation too complicated.  




This pic is inspired by a person I once dated who I felt is unfortunately not as intellectual. He didn't get me at all so once I told  him that "even if my thoughts had subtitles you would still not able to understand". Mean, I know. 




This line is probably from Eminem's song "cleaning out my closet".


Image making


This was hands down the EASIEST shoot I ever did. The camera loves those soft pink tones and every take I did could of been the end photo. I went with curly hair just because "I woke up like this" and this creamy eyeshadow which is to die for.  Just a natural look to keep the focus on the numbers. 



I chose false equations and special numbers which has a meaning. Did you figure some out? here's the list:


2+2=5 | One of my fave radiohead songs


0=1 | takes from the programming world. (My brother told me this is the first thing he was tought at university, which already made no sense :)


666 | Devil's number


42 | The answer to everything according to "hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy"


1:1 | An Israeli 90's band I like 


Unedited outtakes




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