Daisy chains

The idea of a love so strong it chains you, a fire so hot it burns, something so beautiful you can't look away. It's a flower prison you wanna stay in even though you're allergic.

Some people take it to a fetish place which is cool.

This post is inspired by "summer bummer" of Lana Del Rey, which is a huge source of inspiration for me and my too-often played soundtrack whilst photo-shooting. I feel her music captures a similar feeling to which I deliver in my post: sexy but sad, driven by passion yet frustrated by it's outcome, a love for the free spirit life with nothing to show for but good art which no one knows. Well, seemed to work out for her ;)

"I got a feeling in my bones Can't get you out of my veins You can't escape my affection Wrap you up in my daisy chains"

-Summer bummer

Image making

I started off wanting to make hand cuffs but realized it would be somewhat difficult being cuffed and controlling the photography so I moved on to legs. The daisy knots kept untying and finding the right camera angle while being foot-cuffed was challenging. I made a few flowers compositions on my legs until I got it right. It was a long shoot.


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