Overdosed princess

Royalty in the sense of the blue blood idiom where it meets classic pulp fiction culture. This figure is an overdosed girl who is discovered as a princess only after bleeding blue blood. Today royalty belongs to the one who catch it and not necessarally to the ones born to it, some people overdose while trying. Taking coco (cocaine) makes some people feel "royal", which is also of course an aspect to this post.

Cultural reference

"It was the Spaniards who gave the world the notion that an aristocrat's blood is not red but blue....

Blue blood is an English idiom recorded since 1834 for noble birth or descent...

"Aristocrat" and aristocracy, in modern usage, refer colloquially and broadly to persons who inherit elevated social status, whether due to membership in the (formerly) official nobility or the monied upper class... "

- Source: wikipedia

Origin of Idea

This post's origin is in a poem I wrote where it said "I am smeared blue blood ".

I had the idea to interpret it visually for a while now and after seeing the royal wedding this past weekend, I knew it's next in line.

2018 Aristocracy

Today we do not admire royalty, but rather our social icons. Wealth, brands, style, fun, wild experiences, are in fact the things we seek.

Left: Nakid magazine | Photographer: Kaitlyn Mikaya || Right: #whomadethis

Visual reference

So I clearly use the blood motive as cocaine related... This shot was the one I was going for as reference. I started with a heavy blood make up and refining it later on.

Pulp fiction


While shooting I was listening to y.hurn's new album 1220 to a song called "y.hurn wieso" with the line "coco aus der Nase" which mean cocaine from out the nose. He also represents the "young royal" scene I talked about before.

Image making

This idea went through quit an intense week and what you see is it's third round. I started out with this shot which is the classic idea:

first shot and original idea

Than, while trying to find an alternative for the standard bandaid I thought i'll do velvet. I was drawn to this "royal blue" shade and was excited about this idea.

Blue velvet and ribbons as a royaL motive- reference example

Ribbon variation shot

So I took this shot only to see.... it's not working out. I thought I'll elaborate a bit about what's not working, in case some young designers are reading :)

1. The composition is not interesting and there is nothing intriguing happening.

2. Materials are not visually cohesive- The velvet and test tube are vintage looking while the bandaid the plastic tube are modern.

3. I was working with ink and with glitter which weren't fun materials to work with and didn't provide a good visual result.

Those two last images I shot on the same day. For the next shooting day I wanted to get blue flowers and place them under the classic bandaid cause I felt the visual I got is doll.

Reference source: V S I S L I

I still had the biggest problem though- its was kind difficult for me to self shoot my arm while it's busy with the props. I asked a friend to over, explained the new concept and whilst speaking felt again- it's not working. Together we thought of using the blood in a form of "vains cutting", which I was not happy with, just because I don't like the vain cutting motive- I feel it's overdone and aesthetically heavy and not pleasing.

Than I thought and I thought and came to the idea of using the blue blood motive as cocaine related nose bleed. I first did it with red lipstick, than turning it blue- realising that it makes sense cause our lips are rich with blood. Here are some outtakes:

Hope you like the result!

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