I aspire to create photos which are not only beautiful & attractive- but are also smart, clever, valuable, and embody a 

memorable message. This is why my images stand out.

When approaching a project, I summarise the core values, story and essence of a person, business or service- imagine it visually and give it a unique surprising interpretation.  

Each concept could also be presented as an animated gif. 

If the concept is my story, than colors and material are my words.
In photos, information is instantly communicated. I aim to use as little photoshop as possible to achieve a  highly authentic photo experience.

I hand select, craft, design, sew, and paint various props, fashion and accessories to ensure perfection and significance of each element, and my story- amazing & unforgetable.

I direct marketing clips, commercials and music videos 

Unlike most art directors, I enjoy shooting the photos myself. I find creative freedom with choosing the correct lighting, focus and composition as further means of my story telling process. I shoot in my studio located in Petah Tiqva, IL.

If you are a freelance photographer and intersted in working together-  it's also an option :)

I offer various graphic design services including brand identity design and further web & print products.

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